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I have always loved Ren & Stimpy’s art style courtesy of the amazing team at Spumco. While the main characters look grotesque and odd all the women look absolutely fuckable. My prayers to see nude Spumco babes were answered when Ren & Stimpy – The Lost Episodes dropped on DVD and included “Naked Beach Frenzy” episode that never aired on SPIKE. It wasn’t the funniest episode ever produced but it was certainly the most risqué.

While doing my daily Hentai Foundry surfing I came across this piece by Made From Lazers. My jaw hit the floor as my hand went down my pants. He absolutely nailed the Spumco style! I never in my life thought I would be turned on by a piece of hentai featuring Ren but here we are. It’s illustrations like this that reminds me why I love cartoon porn so much. My hat is off to Made From Lazers, bravo.

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