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Naughty Mary Marvel cosplay complete with mesh top

Naughty Mary Marvel cosplay at

Mary Marvel cosplay at

I love me some sexy cosplay pics – especially when the girls are as hot as Jessica at Her see-through mesh top leaves little to the imagination and is a welcome alteration to Mary Marvel’s evil costume. The ladies over at based this off of Mattel’s Infinite Heroes line of action figures.

I usually prefer my cosplay a little more faithful to the original subject matter but when Jessica looks as good as she does here I can let it slide – especially when her boobs are crammed into a top that is way too tight for her bust size! That’s what I call “SHAZAM!”

Mary Marvel cosplay at

Mary Marvel cosplay at

I have been reading for about 6 months now since I first stumbled upon the site (I have no idea what I was originally searching for) and I haven’t missed an article yet. The cool thing is Sherry (the young lady that writes the blog) really knows her shit. Everything from comics to to movies. She’s a geek through and through and her articles are always entertaining to read.

The fact that Sherry also posts original (and sexy) cosplay pics on is just the icing on the cake. Check out her blog for the boobies but stay for the nerdiness. I officially recommend to all my MPL Toons readers out there. You’ll love it!

Mary Marvel cosplay at

Mary Marvel cosplay at

Click here to see more naughty Mary Marvel cosplay pics!

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