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Nude Zatanna cosplay by Cosplay Deviants

Adult cosplay DC Comics

EoS as Zatanna for Cosplay Deviants

I think Zatanna has one of the all time sexiest costumes in the DC Comics universe – Those fishnet stockings are absolutely amazing! Admittedly doing a hot Zatanna cosplay set isn’t terribly hard, at least the different pieces can be purchased and worn as-is without having to do any molding or sewing, but the illusion is lost if the cosplayer doesn’t have one thing…amazing legs. Luckily EoS doesn’t have that problem. Her strong legs and dark hair are a dead ringer for Zatanna which is why this set works so well. Of course EoS’ pierced nipples are just icing on the cake but I think they actually fit the character – I could totally see Zatanna having those piercings. Another great set by Cosplay Deviants and just another reason why you should join the site if you are a cosplay or comic book fan.

Adult cosplay DC Comics

EoS as Zatanna for Cosplay Deviants

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