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Flurty by Doxy – 18 Page Hentai Comic

Hentai Comics at MPLToons.com

‘Flurty’ by Doxy might just be one of the hottest hentai comics I’ve seen in a long time. Everything, from the art to the sex, is absolutely perfect. You truly have to see this to believe it so I’ll just stop talking and let you see for yourself. Clicking on the link below if you are viewing this on the main page. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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    Ahsoka Tano eating cum – Art by Kaihlan

    Star Wars Clone Wars Hentai at MPLToons.com

    Art by Kaihlan ~ Hentai Foundry

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      Fire Emblem: Tharja’s Obsession by Tarakanovich

      Fire Emblem and Video Game Hentai at MPLToons.com

      Art by Tarakanovich ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr ~ Patreon

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        The Acrobat and the Unicorn – Art by Madoc

        Dungeons & Dragons 80's Cartoon Hentai at MPLToons.com

        I used to have the biggest crush on Diana, the acrobat character from the old 1980′s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. In fact, she was one of the first times I realized that cartoons could turn me on (even though I didn’t have the words for it back then). Hmmmmmmm maybe Diana is the reason why I’ve always had a thing for darker women…we’ll come back to that at a later date lol.

        Anyways, obviously Diana was younger back then, but what if she actually grew up in that strange land and never made it back to our realm? What sort of sexual adventures would a horny young adult get into without any adult supervision (aside from a perverted looking old wizard)? Thanks to Madoc we finally know the answer to both of those questions. Honestly, I never thought I’d see my childhood crush getting eaten out by a unicorn, but that’s the beauty of hentai. All your dreams can come true, even dreams you didn’t know you had.

        Art by Madoc ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Patreon

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          Rapunzel shows off her big ass – Art by Legoman & Vintem

          Tangled Disney Hentai at MPLToons.com

          Linework by Legoman ~ Tumblr
          Colors by Vintem ~ Hentai Foundry

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            Leela sipping on some Slurm – Art by Shadman

            Futurama Hentai at MPLToons.com

            Professor Farnsworth: Who are those horrible orange creatures over there?

            Glurmo: Why, those are the Grunka-Lunkas. They work here in the Slurm factory.

            Professor Farnsworth: Tell them I hate them.

            Futurama Season 1 Episode 13: Fry & the Slurm Factory

            I’m not gonna lie, that is one of my all-time favorite pieces of dialogue ever written for TV. It kills me every time. But hey, you aren’t here to talk about funny lines in a TV show, you’re here to look at Leela hentai, and Leela hentai you shall have. Sure it’s not the most explicit, but I wouldn’t put it past Shadman to come up with something a little bit more vulgar down the line. Keep your eyes peeled and check back often. If something pops up I’ll post it here.

            Art by Art by Shadman ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website ~ Tumblr ~ Facebook

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              Kylie Griffin fucked in the ass by a tentacle ghost

              Extreme Ghostbusters Hentai at MPLToons.com

              It’s funny, just yesterday I was reading an article about how good the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon was back in the day (I’ve never seen it), then I immediately stumbled upon this drawing of Kylie Griffin getting fucked in the ass by a ghost. I knew right away that it was destiny and that I had to feature it. It was like the universe was trying to tell me something…or maybe it was the ghost of Harold Ramis. Either way, you really can’t go wrong with a little Ghostbusters hentai to start the day.

              Art by DocHyde ~ Hentai Foundry

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                Tonks covered in cum – Art by TheDirtyMonkey

                Harry Potter Hentai Porn at MPLToons.com

                Tonks coming home from a looonnng night with her cousin Sirius

                - TheDirtyMonkey

                I guess they’re more than just “kissing cousins.”

                Art by The Dirty Monkey ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Patreon

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