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You Gotta be Squiddin’ Me! – Art by Sandyrex

Splatoon Hentai at MPLToons.com

So, who’s been playing Splatoon and what do you think of it? If I had a Wii U I’d definitely pick it up. Splatoon looks like a fun time! Now that it’s out I suspect we will be seeing a lot more hentai based on it too. I don’t know what it is about cute Nintendo characters but people just love seeing them nude. Don’t believe me? Just do a search for “Wii Fit Trainer Nude” and you’ll see what I mean lol

Art by Sandyrex ~ Hentai Foundry

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    Ciri nude in the woods by Ganassa – The Witcher 3 Hentai

    The Witcher 3 Hentai at MPLToons.com

    Art by Ganassa ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Blogspot ~ Hentai United

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      Hordak giving Shadow Weaver a messy creampie

      She-Ra and He-Man Hentai at MPLToons.com

      How fucking cool is this? When I woke up today I didn’t think I was going to see hentai based on the old She-Ra cartoon from the 80’s, let alone one drawn by the amazing T2death!

      Wow. I never knew Shadow Weaver had such an awesome rack…or that Hordak has such a huge schlong lol I don’t know what he’s doing trying to conquer the world, he should just become a porn star and get rich instead. Seems a lot easier than getting beat up by She-Ra every week, if you ask me.

      Art by T2death ~ Hentai Foundry

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        Asuka gang bang party – Art by Tekuho No Habo

        Neon Genesis Evangelion Hardcore Hentai at MPLToons

        Art by Tekuho No Habo ~ Tekuho.xxx

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          Mileena and Maylene getting fucked by Goro and Machamp

          Pokemon and Mortal Kombat Hentai at MPLToons.com

          I can honestly say that I never thought I’d be this turned on by a Mortal Kombat/Pokemon hentai mash-up. Hell, I never thought I’d see an MK/Pokemon hentai mash-up to begin with, let alone one that is this awesome! Props to Mister Mediocre (or should I say, Senseibushido?) for pulling off what seems like the impossible. I can’t wait to see what this amazing artist has in store for us next.

          Art by Mister Mediocre ~ Hentai Foundry

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            Inkshade Topless (and Translucent) Pin-Up

            Goo Girl Hentai at MPLToons.com

            Now this is fucking cool! I didn’t even realize that you could see Inkshade’s bones the first time I looked at this digital painting by PrivatePomegranate. How awesome is that? See, it’s the little details that really gets the artist in me going. On the other hand, it’s the tits that gets the perv in my going too lol. This drawing has something for everyone! Well, everyone except people who don’t like goo girls. Those people don’t know what they are missing, that’s for sure.

            Art by PrivatePomegranate ~ Hentai Foundry
            Inkshade belongs to The Kite ~ Hentai Foundry

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              Velma doing cocaine off of Daphne’s tits – Art by Kras

              Scooby-Doo Hentai at MPLToons.com

              If you’re like me and grew up watching Scooby-Doo then get ready to kiss your childhood goodbye. Here we have Velma Dinkley snorting cocaine off of Daphne Blake’s tits courtesy of Kras! I guess money is pretty tight if the gang has to turned to hooking for cash (I say that because only hookers and groupies snort coke off another girl’s tits).

              I guess that’s to be expected though. After all, how much money do you really make solving mysteries? I’d say not much, especially after you factor in gas and food for Shaggy and Scooby. Those two stoners can really pack it in!

              Art by Kras ~ Sluttish.xxx ~ Krash.zone ~ Patreon

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                Mileena bound and fucked – Art by Grillo Fernandez

                Mortal Kombat Hentai at MPLToons.com

                Thanks to Mortal Kombat X my new favorite kombatant is Mileena. Sure she’s been a series staple since MK2, but she was never one of my go-to fighters. I was always a Sub-Zero guy. That’s all changed now though with MKX. I’ve seen the light lol! Mileena is a fucking powerhouse and is now the first character I use whenever I’m playing the game.

                Now, if only I could get used to Kotal Kahn. He’s a cool looking character, but I absolutely hate playing as him. I just can’t figure out his move set and he’s too slow for my liking. Thankfully Mileena makes up for it with her speed and reach. Goddamn I love her!

                Art by Grillo Fernandez ~ Hentai Foundry

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