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Hey, who remembers the Dark Horse comic called Body Bags that came out waaaaay back in 1996? If your answer is anything other than “Oh yea, I loved that comic”, then you should stop what you are doing and go to your local comic book store and track it down.

Jason Pearson’s art is awesome, it’s crazy violent, and the main character’s daughter – Panda Delgado – has HUGE tits. It’s one of a few comics that I re-read on a regular basis (along with ‘Haywire’ by DC Comics and ‘The Walking Dead’ by Aircel – yes, there was a comic called ‘The Walking Dead’ before Kirkman’s series and yes, it’s awesome) and every time I do I love it even more.

So, clearly I went off track with this post and it’s time to bring it back on course. I saw this pic a while ago but neglected to post it. Don’t ask me why, I just fucked up. I think Hagfish did a phenomenal job with this piece – I especially love the attention to detail in armor – and I really wish we’d see more Panda Delgado hentai. What’s not to like about her? Did I mention she has HUUUUUUUGE KNOCKERS!?!?! Come on!

Oh well. Go read Body Bags and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll be hooked right away, trust me.

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