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ParaNorman’s Courtney gets fucked in the ass by a zombie

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The interwebs are a wonderful place. I honestly never thought we’d see ParaNorman hentai, but here we are. Yes, I know, Rule 34 and all that but come on, ParaNorman? You know you are just as surprised as I am.

This piece by Pencil Creaming features Norman’s older sister, Courtney taking a giant zombie dick up her ass. Fortunately for her she’s got quite the junk in the trunk so I think she can handle it…maybe. I totally dig Pencil Creaming’s unique art style, you don’t usually see hentai look this, umm, stylized and that’s pretty fucking rad in my book. I’ve noticed that he tends to draw bottom heavy girls (you know, small tops and big hips) so it’s no surprise that he would be the person to make the first piece of Courtney hentai I’ve seen.

I saw ParaNorman in the theater back in October or whenever it came out, but I only just saw Frankenweenie this weekend. I thought the latter was a pretty good movie but ParaNorman was the better of the two in my opinion. If you missed in the theater I definitely suggest checking it out on Blu-ray. Thus ends my unnecessary review, enjoy the hentai!

Pencil Creaming ~ Hentai Foundry

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