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Pirate Cashoo’s Zombie Girl by White-Devil

Pirate Cashoo's Zombie by White-Devil

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image at HentaiDevil.com

Here’s an awesome pic White-Devil did of Pirate Cashoo’s original character as a way of welcoming her to his site, HentaiDevil.com. Here’s the thing; White-Devil, unlike other artists, realized that he was going to have a hard time keeping paid members happy with just one update a week so he decided to bring in Pirate Cashoo to fill in some of the gaps. It’s actually a pretty good choice because her style is very much similar to his (the first time I saw her on Hentai Foundry I thought it was WD).

Ahhh the age old problem of keeping paysite members happy.

I see both sides of the argument here – On one hand the fan, paying $20 a month, wants to feel like they aren’t wasting their money but on the other hand the artist wants to produce the highest quality artwork they can even if it takes longer. There has to be a happy medium between quantity and quality and sometimes that means bringing in a back-up artist that has a style similar to the main artist (comic books have done this forever). I think paysites are good for artists because it frees them from the shackles of always chasing the commission money.

I was a freelance web designer before I became a professional blogger and I hated every second of it. Clients always picked the most boring designs and I was never allowed to be the least bit creative. I’m sure it isn’t exactly like that for hentai artists but the joy of creating a piece that is completely your own has to be more appealing than working within the confines of what someone else wants.

Sorry, I went off on a tangent there. Those are just my observations and in no way reflect what’s going through the minds of hentai artists that make their money through commissions. Enjoy the pic of the zombie girl with big hooters getting fingered lol!

Click here to see more hentai by White-Devil at HentaiDevil.com

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