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Play Time With Elastigirl by Azorador

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I loved Helen Parr (aka Elastigirl) in The Incredibles. She was sexy as hell  and really, how can you not be turned on by a hot MILF superhero? It’s just not possible! And those hips, oh those awesomely curvy hips. I might have to go back and watch the movie after I write this post. But I digress.

You know what I don’t love though? Elastigirl hentai. I know it’s weird but I don’t really care to see her stretch her limbs and contort into some strange sexual position to the point where she doesn’t look human…until now. This piece by Azorador is probably my favorite Elastigirl fanart I’ve seen to date. There’s just the right amount of contortion to show off her powers while still keeping her sexual. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she is four fingers deep in her pussy which is pretty fucking hot too. I doubt Azorador wants to make a career out of Elastigirl hentai but I wouldn’t mind seeing him create at least one more piece based on Mrs. Parr – He is on a roll after all.

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