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Because I have no fucking idea what to make of this piece of hentai (other than the fact that I love it) I’m going to let VincentCC explain it in her words…

Heya guys!!!

Here you have a transformed commission. xD Let me explain. A commissioner asked me to draw a private commission with a specific ambience and a particular girl, but he asked me please not posting the original piece. So I made a lot of changes and here’s the result! And I felt so passionate while drawing the different variations, that some ideas came to my mind and I wrote this little story based on this scene, hope you like it! 0 /// 0 (and sorry for my English!)

“Being a demon isn’t easy sometimes. This naughty and horny demon is Tindaya, a Minor Rank Demon who lives between us. We usually can’t see her, because showing her real form is forbidden. Many people have noticed her presence, but only as a cold gust inside a room or a shadow at the street. Her task in our world is urging the humans to sinning. You surely has heard her voice inside your head, suggesting you to making evil things, she needs you to succumb to the temptation. Often, “helping” humans to make sins is really funny for Tindaya, mostly because she can see the human thoughts and desires. But sometimes those desires are so hot… and Tindaya feels strange, like if her body were burning. Humans have a mischievous imagination… She knows she might be in a big trouble if she materialize in front of someone’s eyes.

But… there are some special places on the world, those that people often say they’re haunted. The truth is those places are portals to Hell, they are the secret paths for the demons to come to our world. Those crossing point have different rules. If a human see a demon there, the demon wouldn’t be punished, because too many demons travel through those portals. It could be an oversight. And when this happens, it helps to keep humans away from the portal. Or at least most part of humans, because some people are really curious.

Right now, A group of young men is investigating on an abandoned house in which is supposed to happen supernatural facts, they are carrying cameras and heat devices… Tindaya knows what she has to do to have some fun.”

– VincentCC

Art by VincentCC ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Blogspot

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