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Power Girl vs She-Hulk = Torn costumes and nip slips

Two hot superheroines fighting and ripping each other's costumes

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Ever since I heard that She-Hulk was going to be in Marvel vs Capcom 3 I have been scouring the interwebs for porn featuring the sexy green lawyer. The good new is there is a lot of it floating around but the bad news is most of the art sucks. I do like this rendering of She-Hulk fighting Power Girl by Luis Felipe (though I hate the lettering at the top – bad font choice and “Power Girl” is misspelled). First of all I love it when superheroines get their costumes torn in battle thus exposing nipples and whatnot, second, um, Power Girl…duh! What more could I ask for? I set out to find She-Hulk porn and I got Power Girl as a bonus. FTW!

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