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Purity getting fucked by a Tyranid – Art by Temporal Wolf

Warhammer 40K hentai at MPL Toons

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Hagfish’s Sister of Battle character, Purity, is back and this time she seems to have run afoul with a Tyranid and his giant Tyranid cock. This piece is another art trade but I haven’t seen what Hagfish has drawn yet. At this point I can only assume that it’s a Warhammer 40K character, but I won’t know until it drops.

Sorry I haven’t been updating MPL Toons a lot this last week or last. Nothing has really caught my eye hentai wise and if it does then it’s a video game character and I figure I should feature it on NSFW Gamer. I don’t know if you guys read that site or not, but I’ve been trying to direct my attention that way since I feel it has potential to break out a bit more than MPL Toons. I’m not going to let this site die or anything, but you have to admit that the name “NSFW Gamer” is a lot more brandable than “MPL Toons,” right? I’ll see where things go with it and I will definitely keep you all in the loop if I ever decide to make any big changes with MPL Toons. I appreciate all your support over these past few years so thank you for that.

Temporal Wolf ~ Hentai Foundry

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