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Quorra from TRON Legacy nude by idrawstuff1979

Quorra from TRON Legacy nude by idrawstuff1979

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I almost came in my pants when I saw this pinup of Quorra by idrawstuff1979. Oh who am I kidding? I did cum in my pants! This pic is absolutely beautiful! I’m actually impressed by how well idrawstuff1979 nailed Olivia Wilde’s likeness and the background detail – It looks like Flynn’s hideout!

The only thing I wish, and I can’t believe I am about to type this, is that her chest was a little smaller. Now I love big knockers but the fact that idrawstuff1979 did such a phenomenal job with Olivia Wilde’s likeness the large breasts take me out of the fantasy – Quorra’s chest wasn’t that big in the movie. If anything though that statement should be taken as a compliment to the artist’s ability to render realistic faces.

Still, minor nitpicking aside, this is by far one of my favorite Quorra renderings on the interwebs. Enjoy!

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    One Response to “Quorra from TRON Legacy nude by idrawstuff1979”

    • thanks for the exposure… yeah i know that her boobs were not that big…. this was a commission and that’s what the commissioner wanted to see… so thats how it goes… i actually based the body on the popular playboy model Petra Verkaik. so yeah…. anyway… sorry the boobs didnt do it for you but once again i do appreciate the exposure. take care.

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