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Racebabe getting her ass fucked by Tekuho

Racebabe getting her ass fucked by Tekuho

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If you thought Tekuho dropped off the map for a bit because he wasn’t updating his Hentai Foundry page well think again, he’s been working hard keeping the Hentai United members happy with his amazing artwork! He did just start adding new pieces to his free Hentai Foundry portfolio but primarily as a way of advertising Hentai United. I can’t really blame him though, people pay money to join Hentai United so that should be Tekuho’s top priority. It’s just good business.

I don’t really know the story behind this piece other than the fact that it’s apart of Tekuho’s “Racebabes” series. Usually I post pics of known characters because that’s what I like and it’s easier to talk about an image of, say for example, Wonder Woman getting fucked in the ass or something but once I saw this illustration I knew instantly I had to feature it. I’ve been a fan of Tekuho for a while now and this pic right here pretty much sums up why – It’s amazingly drawn, professionally colored, and pornographic as hell. That’s my kinda hentai!

Click here to see more exclusive hentai by Tekuho No Habo at Tekuho.xxx

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