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Realistically Muscular Cheetara Pin-Up by Where’s Bowski?

Realistically Muscular Cheetara Pin-Up by Where's Bowski?

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image - Cheetara by Where's Bowski?

One of my favorite things to search for online is when artists re-imagine existing characters either by giving them updated costumes or rendering them in a realistic fashion. This pin-up of Cheetara from Thundercats falls in the latter category. Where’s Bowski? took the 80’s fan-favorite character and asked the question “what would she look like in real life”? What we get is a more muscular and cat-like version of Cheetara which makes sense based on her powers and feline heritage. Think about it – first of all she is a runner so it makes sense that she would have strong legs, second she uses a staff so that dictates her muscular arms, finally she is a humanoid cheetah – they are 100% muscle! That’s all well and good but Where’s Bowski? also managed to incorporate all that and retain her sex appeal. Now that’s talent my friends.

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