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Rocket from Sucker Punch fucked in the ass by a WWI zombie

Sucker Punch hentai by Umbrafox

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Before I talk about this piece by Umbrafox I need to tell you something – As of writing this post I have not seen Sucker Punch. I was soooooo looking forward to it when it came out that all the insanely negative reviews totally took the wind out of my sails. The good thing is at this point, since my expectations are so low, once I do see it I will probably enjoy it. Looking at the awesomeness of this illustration and typing the post title I have to ask, how was Sucker Punch not the greatest movie ever made? I’ll find out once I get it from Netflix but seriously, what went wrong?

I can’t comment on the accuracy of this rendering by Umbrafox having not watched the movie but I certainly like what I see. The expression on Rocket’s face, the detailing of the zombie, and the explosion of cum rocketing (see what I did there) out of her ass all make for a really cool hentai piece…I just hope the movie is as good.

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