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Ryuko vs Satsuki from Kill la Kill by Shadman

Ryuko vs Satsuki from Kill la Kill by Shadman

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Alright, so what the fuck is Kill la Kill? I mean, I know it’s an anime series from the wiki, but how come I’m seeing so much art and cosplay based on it recently? Is it the next big thing in Japan? I guess I should start looking into it because I love the costume designs and I think there’s gonna be a lot more hentai based on it in the future.

Since I don’t know shit about Kill la Kill here’s what Shadman had to say about this pic.

Based on the battle of Ryuko vs Satsuki from Episode 3 of Kill La Kill.

Funny story, the original sketch of this picture was going to be a Day of the Dead/Halloween picture, but it ended up looking more like a fight scene, so I decided to make another Kill La Kill picture instead. Hope you like it anyway, the poses and perspective are very risky, but I wanted to try and go through with it. Planning on doing a little more Kill La Kill while Im still in the mood.

– Shadman

There you go.

Art by Shadman ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Shadbase ~ Shagbase

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