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I’ve been following Candle’s hentai career ever since he showed up on Hentai Foundry back in August of 2010. I’ve always loved the vibrant colors and the insane level of detail he puts into all his finished pieces but felt early on that Candle needed to work on his faces. As you can see, that’s no longer a problem. Candle is pretty much the total package now in my opinion.

Now Candle is trying to break into a whole new genre, erotic fiction. This piece, titled “Seventh Box”, featured an accompanying story on Hentai Foundry so I figured it would be good to include it in my post as well. Please keep in mind that English is not Candle’s fist language so he had to have the story translated, which is why it might not be as clean as it was in its native language. Give it a quick read or just enjoy the pic, it’s a win/win either way.

The best way to introuduce this picture it´s to explain the reason of the title. This scene it´s about a story I was working in, it takes place during the second half of the XIX century in a theatre, specifically in the seventh box of a theatre after a concert.

Imagine a young flautist in the orchestra, a young flautist who can´t avoid to see white skin, black velvet, a nice silhouette in one of the boxes. And if love or madness can take place in just one instant, that´s what he feels in this very moment. After the performance he run upstairs, trough the corridors until the seventh box door. Then he stops, he hears weird noises coming from inside. He´s not the only one who has noticed the beautiful stranger, in fact he´s been the last one to arrive. He dares to cross the door and remain hidden behind the curtains and then it´s when he sees the woman he would have made the most beautiful scores for having sex with three man. He remains behind the curtains, the only one who can see the entire scene, but the only one who not take place on it. The other three man didn´t notice but he sees strange things in that woman, fangs, red eyes, the expression of a beast under the face of a dark angel. Until something happens, the three men get killed in a brutal way in a matter of seconds, and covered in blood and sperm she turns her eyes to the curtains, looking directly to the flautis as if she always known that he has been there all the time. She aproaches to him, until he is able to smell the mixture of sex and murder in her skin, when she´s so close to him as he wanted her to be form the beggining. She smiles, threateningly, sweetly, and notices the erection in his pants and help him to finish. First with her white and sharpened hands, after with her mouth, and he reaches the orgasm in the jaws of the beast which have killed three man. Then she stands up, and gently whisper to his hear “This is enough for tonight. This will not be the night when i will kill you” And the she walked away, leaving him with this creepy promise that this is not the last time when they will meet.

As I said a story I was working on but to post it (on Hentai Foundry) I will have to translate it, and there´s a difference between the ability to understand a language and be able to use it artistically. And I´m afraid my English will not be good enough but I hope the picture pleases your eyes, and thank you if to took the time to read this.

– Candle

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