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Sex Machine by Kras for Sluttish.xxx

Sex Machine by Kras for Sluttish.xxx

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I see this pic and I am instantly reminded why Kras is the number one hentai artist for lovers of curvy girls. Just look at the way he draws those ass and thighs, not to mention her big tittes. God damn! I’m not quite sure what the set up here is and I really don’t give a shit because who needs a story anyways right? Well ok, I do like to have a little story with my hentai but I’m trying to make a point that you don’t need one when you can draw asses like that. God damn! The funny thing is my girlfriend doesn’t dig Kras’ style because she says that it’s “too wet”. I personally like the “wetness” – Sure it may not be pleasurable for a dude to have sex with a chick that is that wet but hentai is supposed to be the ultimate representation of sexual fantasy and sometimes shouldn’t be taken literally. Oh and one more time for the record…God damn!

Kras ~ Sluttish.xxx

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