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Sexy goblin babe gets attacked by tentacles

Sexy green goblin getting fucked by tentacles World of Warcraft

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I don’t play World of Warcraft so I am not sure if there are any enemies in it that have tentacles but that won’t stop me from enjoying this hot micro series by Sabudenego. Personally I love colored girls, and I am not referring to the 1950’s term for African American females, I’m talking about babes that are green, blue, purple, or whatever color that isn’t found in normal pigmentation. I also love tentacle porn so these renderings of a sexy green goblin babe getting violated by purple penis tentacles is a huge win! Sabudenego proves how talented he is by creating two illustrations that are very kinetic and powerful not to mention pornerrific! I think I might be more inclined to play WoW if this were some sort of magic spell I could cast on all the hot goblins and elves I came across. How much would that suck to be on the other side of the screen and watch helplessly as your character gets their butthole destroyed by my tentacle spell? Fuck your magic missiles!

Sexy green goblin getting fucked in the ass by tentacles World of Warcraft

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