Sexy Skullgirls comic strip by Shadman

Sexy Skullgirls comic strip by TheRealShadman

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Here’s a funny, and kind of hot, Skullgirls comic strip by Shadman for all the fans of the game. I downloaded the demo on PSN when it first came out but I haven’t played the full game yet. I loved the art style and gorgeous animation but since I’m not a huge fighting game fan (besides Mortal Kombat) I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to play Skullgirls (It certainly won’t be this weekend thanks to Diablo 3′s open beta). That being said, I still enjoyed this comic strip and thought it was pretty funny so I hope you guys like it too.

Also, I have a Skullgirls hentai collection on my video game blog if you want to see more pics based on the game – Skullgirls hentai collection at NSFW Gamer.

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