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She-Hulk can’t get no satisfaction – Art by Temporal Wolf

She-Hulk Hentai Porn at MPL Toons

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I’ve had the hots for She-Hulk for years, but (as this picture illustrates) I don’t think I would be much good at satisfying her. I mean, I don’t have a tiny shrimp dick or anything (it’s an average white boy cock), but she looks like she needs a goddamn elephant dong attached to a jackhammer to get her off. I guess having superpowers isn’t always a good thing huh?

I really dig Temporal Wolf’s art but for some stupid reason I’ve never featured him on MPL Toons (at least as far as I can tell). Chalk that one up to carelessness on my part. Definitely add Temporal Wolf to your watch list especially if you are a fan of Zet13. They both have that clean, comic booky style to their artwork which I totally love.

Temporal Wolf ~ Hentai Foundry

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