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She-Hulk tied up and fucked from behind – Art by Sabu

She-Hulk tied up and fucked from behind – Art by Sabu

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Here’s a follow-up piece to Sabu’s “Ms. Marvel Throated” that I featured about a week ago. This time we see She-Hulk bound and mounted from behind as part of a “Sex-Arcade”. How’s she’s not able to escape I’m not sure and nor do I care because this pic is absolutely phenomenal. I’m not the biggest fan of bondage or rape fantasies the are prevalent in hentai (who knows, maybe She-Hulk gets off on this) but Sabu’s art is so good I can overlook certain aspects of the subject matter.

I’m actually more turned on by his technique and talent than I am by the content itself. Don’t get me wrong, I love She-Hulk and given the opportunity I would certainly take her for a spin but I just can’t stop drooling over the illustration as a whole. I really hope Sabu keeps adding more pics to this “Sex-Arcade” series because they really stand out from the crowd. Enjoy!

Click here to see more hentai by The Sabu at Hentai Foundry

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