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Sheeva is ready for some deep dicking

Sheeva nude from Mortal Kombat 3

"The Queen Awaits" by Hamz 10

You guys should know by now that anytime I see Mortal Kombat hentai I have to write about it. Just because the character has four arms doesn’t change that fact. Is it wrong that Sheeva gives me a boner in this picture? Ok, I must confess I have always been attracted to Sheeva, this isn’t an isolated incident. Come on, she has big boobs! It’s nice to know that I am not the only one who feels the same way though. This rendering by Hamz 10 actually makes her look slightly sensual and doesn’t give me the sense that she would rape me. Just because Sheeva is a badass fighter from another dimension doesn’t mean she doesn’t need some love too and I would happily give it to her…as long as she doesn’t kill me during said loving.

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