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If Purity hadn’t been a well-trained, utterly loyal Sister of Battle, the savage, hooting battle cries of the alien kroot would have set her knees knocking.

Even so, the knowledge that her last bolts were long-spent put a decided damper on her martial enthusiasm. A bleak despair threatened to overwhelm her. Her energy was spent at last, and her armor was destroyed, torn apart by kroot rifle fire and blades.

On a scampering run through the wrecked city they were fighting over, she flung herself over a short wall, hoping to find a Sister who could spare a few bolts.

The kroot rifle-butt that slammed into her head sent that particular fantasy winging away, as clawed hands tore her boltgun from her nerveless fingers.

A screeching call of victory sounded from the throats of the three carnivores who’d captured her so easily, and Purity squeezed her eyes shut.

“Holy Emperor, Father of Man, give me strength in my hour of death,” she whispered. “Fear is naught, for my faith is strong. I fear no evil, I fear no death, for the Emperor comes for me…”

Her litanies trailed off as the searing pain she’d expected failed to materialize. She tentatively opened one bright green eye, and clapped her hands over her mouth, staring.

Kroot, she had learned, assimilated the traits of the creatures they ate. These kroot had apparently been chowing down on some well-endowed beasts indeed. They’d stripped their scavenged armor away, and their two-and-a-half meter tall frames towered over her nude, revealing cocks that were just…

“Amazing,” Sister Purity breathed, unable to restrain herself. The alien shlongs were huge, with fat greenish heads, the shafts covered in smooth ridges that she could just imagine sliding over her pussy walls. They were knotted, thick bulges of hard cockmeat jutting proudly at the base, right over a pair of luscious balls that looked like they were just bursting with cum.

Even with those delectable dicks bobbing in front of her and making her traitorous pussy wickedly wet, she wasn’t so far gone as to simply submit to an alien embrace. As kroot arms reached out for her, she lunged forward, butting the lead kroot in his hard-muscled belly, then kicking off to try and flee.

Surrounded and unarmed, though, she hadn’t a chance. Kros, the ranking warrior of the trio, grabbed her ankles as she jumped and brought her crashing to the ground with a yelp. He laughed harshly, stripping her ruined armor away with the enthusiastic aid of his cohorts.

Within seconds, Purity was shivering, clad only in tattered scraps of cloth and a few Imperial icons that suddenly seemed to offer scant protection. Claws caressed her, and she cursed her unruly cunt for its response to the xenos’ touch.

Kros pushed her thighs apart, and a piece of Purity’s mind felt a sudden surge of relief and anticipation that she could enjoy his wonderful fuck-organ without betraying her Emperor. Then, his cockhead was at her womanhood, and she didn’t think about much of anything.

The kroot plunged himself deep into her with a single warlike thrust, impaling the squirming human on his mighty rod. She lifted herself up on her elbows, moaning wildly as he drove himself into her again and again. Those ridges felt just as amazing as she’d thought they would, and his knot kept bumping into her hot little clit, making her head spin with the feelings he was provoking in her.

“D-damn, filthy, xeno,” she panted along with his thrusts. “You’re a filthy beast…. Ohhhhh, yes!” Her green eyes were wide and staring, her face transfixed with xenophilic ecstasy.

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I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of all these Purity pics I keep posting because here’s another hot one by Norasuko. In fact, I just collected them all into one feature on NSFW Gamer so if you guys want to see them all together (including this one) check it out. I’ll keep my eyes open for more because you can never have too much Warhammer 40K hentai (or Purity hentai for that matter).

Art by Norasuko ~ Hentai Foundry
Purity is owned by Hagfish ~ Hentai Foundry

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