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Sailor Jupitor and Sailor Mercury bdsm hentai

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I have never really been into piercings or bondage but you know what I am into? Awesome lesbian hentai by Kras at Sluttish.xxx! “Slutty Sailors” is another sexy illustration by one of my all time favorite cartoon porn artists on the interwebs. How can you not love Kras’ work? The girls have muscular bodies, thick legs, big tits, and are always wet and ready for action! My girlfriend doesn’t understand why hentai artists in general always draw vagina’s that are dripping with pussy juice and I can’t give her a reason why I love it so much. The only thing I can think of is that cartoon porn is, by it’s very nature, an exaggerated representation of real life – no one’s proportions are like that in the real world anyways so why not go full tilt boogie and exaggerate the “fluids” as well? It’s the ultimate fantasy where the artist has complete control over every little detail and thus there is no wasted possibilities for arousal. Or I am just talking out of my ass and it’s just one of those things that hentai fans just “get” and can’t be explained. Sorry babe.

Kras ~ Sluttish.xxx

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