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Tentacle Rape

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

‘Space Babes in Peril’ by Wintergate might not be new to some of you but I just stumbled upon it the other day. I was so impressed by this illustration, and Wintergate’s portfolio in general, that I decided to do a little artist spotlight kinda feature on him today.

One of my favorite hentai art styles is ‘hardcore cartoons’. Now you may be thinking, don’t most of the drawings you post on MPL Toons fall under that category? Yes and no. What I mean by ‘hardcore cartoons’ is when an artist draws characters in a traditional Disney-esque style but with a hardcore hentai edge. Wintergate pulls this style off perfectly. Any one of these characters would be suitably designed for a Saturday morning cartoon but then comes the tentacles and all their raping and what you are left with is undeniably awesome hentai.

I couldn’t decide which one of Wintergate’s pics I liked the most so I decided to post my three favorites (there are two more after the jump if you are reading this on the main page). Obviously I am in a bit of a tentacle mood right now. I always like to see the wetness at the end of the tentacle, showing how far it’s been inserted, and Wintergate certainly doesn’t disappoint.

If you are a fan of cartoony style hentai and/or tentacle sex then you will definitely dig Wintergate’s art. Check it out!

Click here to see more hentai by Wintergate at Hentai Foundry

Elf Sorceress fucked by a lizardman by Wintergate

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

Erica attacked by tentacles by Wintergate

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

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