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I’m heading over to my friend’s house today to check out Halo: Reach so when I saw this piece by Bloodfart of Kat (the female Spartan with the robotic arm) getting eaten out I thought it was very appropriate – Not to mention it’s fucking amazing! The level of detail in this rendering is off the charts, seriously you have to click on the pic to see the full sized image otherwise you are missing out on some good shit. I’ve never been a Halo fan (I’m a PS3 guy) but that doesn’t mean I’m not curious to see what Reach is all about. Plus I love chicks with robotic arms – I’m not kidding, I actually have a fetish for it. So today’s post is a win/win for keyword hits and hot Halo porn. W00t!

Click here to see more hentai by Bloodfart

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