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Spider-Girl Pwned by Where’s Bowski?

Spider-Girl Pwned by Where's Bowski?

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This pic of Spider-Girl after a hard night of fighting by Where’s Bowski? really focuses on the less than glamourous side of costumed crime fighting. Wow, she is beat to shit! Why would someone want to put on a spandex costume and put their life on the line if this is the end result? You don’t see the realistic outcome of said lifestyle too often in comics so this piece is definitely a nice change of pace from the norm. Somehow Where’s Bowski? still managed to make Spider-Girl look sexy even with all those cuts and bruises – that’s quite an accomplishment.

Where’s Bowski? is quickly making a name for himself in the hentai community with his realistic depictions of sex and violence. If you want to hit him up for a commission I would recommend getting in on the ground floor before his prices go up – I did! Be on the look out for his next piece because it will be an MPL Toons exclusive.

Click here to see more comic book and cartoon porn by Where’s Bowski?

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