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Stella knows that since she is the sole member of her crew that she would be vulnerable if her ship were ever boarded. In order to prepare against pirate raiders and other unsavory characters, Stella invested in a Universal Dynamics Aegis-8 Combat Exosuit for herself.

Composed of an energy-dispersing composite polymer and an underlying layer of non-Newtonian reactive gel, the armor is capable of withstanding significant weapons fire, extremes of pressure and temperature, and physical impacts. A network of nanofiber synthetic muscles enhances her strength and agility substantially, despite her top-heavy figure.

On her shoulders is a pair of motorized mounts equipped with a high-energy particle beam and flamethrower, providing ample firepower while also leaving her hands free. In addition to the innate enhancing properties of the suit, Stella has installed robotic gauntlets to further augment her strength. In the knuckles of the gauntlets is a plasma blade that can slice through armored foes when getting into melee combat. The palms are also equipped with an electroshock device that can deliver a debilitating high-voltage charge to an enemy.

Stella’s neural interface supplemented by a holographic heads-up display enables her to control the exosuit’s various functions with incredible finesse and utilize her weapons with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

Unfortunately, much like her VersaFlex environment suit Stella’s endowments are far too large to fit into the standard-size chestplate. Instead she has had to resort to installing a protective force-field generator to accommodate her anatomy.

Although the suit has lain idle for several years, Stella finds cause to pull it out of storage when her ship is boarded by a wild tennchutamo!

Tennchutamos are silicon-based organisms that reproduce asexually but require other lifeforms to incubate their young and tend to prefer higher-order mammals as hosts. Once their tentacles have snared a suitable candidate, they enter any and all available orifices and deposit dozens of eggs inside. Although the process is not harmful to the host, it can be debilitating and immobilize the host for several months until the eggs are hatched.

Unfortunately for this particular tennchutamo, Stella has come prepared for unwanted intruders. Donning her exosuit, Stella prepares to teach the creature that when a lady says “no” she means “no”

– Elementrexx

One word: Awesomesauce!

Art by Tentacle Monster Chu ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Blogspot
Stella Ganti is owned by Elementrexx ~ Hentai Foundry

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