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Supergirl getting fucked by Brainiac

Supergirl bound by Brainiac's tentacles and fucked

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Well it looks like Brainiac has the upper hand in this battle. By using his tentacles to subdue Supergirl he is able to successfully dump loads of his bubblegum looking semen deep in her womb. Bravo for him – Another Kryptonian conquered and the information (what the inside of her pussy looks like I assume) has been logged and uploaded.

I do like the look on Supergirl’s face, it’s a mixture of disbelief and horror that she may have to carry Brainiac’s bastard child (if that is even possible). Make sure you check out the full sized image because Heroine Addict (clever name) has a lot of detail and textures in this rendering that is lost on the thumbnail version. His style is clean, ¬†colorful and very detailed – I can’t wait to see what he draws next.

Click here to see more hentai by Heroine Addict

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