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Superman Fruit Pie parody by JosiePurr

Superman fruit pie parody by JosiePurr

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If you are like me and grew up in the 80’s reading comic books then you remember the Hostess Fruit Pie ads. Those of you that don’t here’s a breakdown – Hostess would run a one page ad that looked like a comic strip in most major books during that time. Said ads would usually feature characters like Superman or The Flash rescuing the pies from villains then enjoying them afterwards. Simple but endearing.

Here’s JosiePurr’s perverted take on those ads. I can honestly say this piece brought a smile to my face. It’s humorous and porny at the same time. She really nailed the wording too as it both sells the Fruit Pies and tells a story at the same time (like the originals did minus the vulgarity of course). I hope we see more parodies from JosiePurr in the future because this piece is truly awesome!

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