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Sasha Ivanoff nude by Ganassa – Anarchy Reigns Hentai

Anarchy Reigns Hentai at MPL Toons

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

We can always count on Ganassa to be the first one out of the gate with hentai based on sort-of-obscure video game characters. Just last week he gave us the only risque pic I’ve seen of Bella Clarison, from Gearbox’s shitastic Aliens: Colonial Marines, and now we have Sasha Ivanoff from Platinum Games’ Anarchy Reigns. Honestly I’m pretty surprised that he came out with the Bella pic before the Sasha one. The latter’s actual character design is much hotter than the former. Here check it out…

MPL Toons

See, I told you. Anarchy Reigns has been out for about a month now, I’m a bit shocked there isn’t more hentai based on its characters. I know there’s a few more hotties in the roster so maybe Ganassa will make a whole series out of it. Even if this pic of Sasha Ivanoff is just a one-and-done I’d still be fucking thrilled. Look at those titters! They are spectacular.

Keep up the great work, Ganassa. I can’t wait to see what video game character you do next.

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