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Rozalin from Disgaea 2 shows off her big boobs

Video game hentai by Noise

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

I love – Love – LOVE Noise’s artwork! I really can’t emphasize that enough. It’s so clean and colorful and the craftsmanship is just outstanding. Plus he likes to draw video game characters naked which is always an added bonus in my book. I really like this rendering of Rozalin from Disgaea 2 because, well let’s be frank, her boobs are amazing! I love her puffy/inverted nipples which really gives the breasts a wonderful shape. Another outstanding piece by a very talented hentai artist.

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    Rozalin’s huge boobs covered in cum

    Disgaea hentai - Rozalin

    Rozalin from Disgaea

    It looks like Rozalin got a little messy finishing someone off in between battles. Her massive boobs are covered in cum. I love how the top of Rozalin’s right nipple is just barely peeking out from under her top. That’s fucking hot. With all the Disgaea hentai floating around the interwebs you would think I would have played those games by now but alas I don’t have 1000 hours to grind – the downfall of getting old and having more responsibilities I guess. Maybe I’ll download the first game for my PSP and see what all the fuss is about now that I am done with Peace Walker. Good bye free time……..

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      Prier shows off her monster tits and her Prinny army

      Prier shows off her big tits - From the Disgaea Universe

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

      Why do I suddenly have a craving for milk? Maybe it’s because of Prier’s ginormous breasts! You might remember that I posted the Etna fucking Prinny hentai pic by Noise a few weeks ago (see it here) and this pic of Prier is another amazing piece in his Disgaea hentai series. Personally I don’t think there can never be too much hentai based on Nippon Ichi games – the characters and art direction of Disgaea and La Pucelle are ripe with sexy characters that need to be featured naked. Noise does an excellent job of retaining the style of the games while still making the renderings his own. Every illustration Noise does is extremely clean and sexy as hell – he is a master of his craft and I can’t wait to see the next piece in this series.

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        Prinny finally gets some action thanks to Etna

        Etna fucking Prinny from Disgaea

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image - Etna fucking Prinny by Noise

        Well isn’t that nice, Prinny finally gets to be the hero. I guess the 1470 year old demon finally figured it was time to throw the little guy a bone. Disgaea is one of those games that I have been putting off playing for years because I don’t have a hundred hours to dedicate to it but I have always enjoyed the mythos of the series and art style. I know there is a lot debate whether or not people consider Etna a loli and thus should or shouldn’t be depicted sexually. You know what, the whole lolicon morality debate aside, she’s 1470 years old! It doesn’t matter what body type she has when she has been around for a millennium and half – Etna is clearly not a loli. Maybe she would have been considered underage when she was 999 years old but clearly now she is well into her late teens. It’s like reverse dog years…I think.

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