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Red Pill – New Giantess Club comic

Red Pill Sexy giantess takes little man for a ride Giantess Club Comic

Red Pill - Giantess Club Comic

The talented artists at Giantess Club have another installment in store for the fans of the online adult comic book. Titled “Red Pill” this one features a sexy giant babe causing all sorts of havoc in the streets of a sprawling metropolis. For those that don’t know what Giantess Club is let me fill you in – It’s an online comic anthology series that features professional artwork and female characters that grow to epic sizes. It really plays up on the female empowerment theme geared towards the micro-niche of “Growth Enthusiasts” (did they make that up or is it a real niche?). Even though I don’t necessarily fall in that category I can still appreciate the extremely high quality of the series and fun story lines. Click on the link below if you are curious as to what all the buzz is about because the Giantess Club fan base is growing everyday!

Click here to see a free preview of Red Pill by Giantess Club

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    Breast Expansion – Watch as her boobs grow

    Breast Expansion Story Club

    Breast Expansion Story Club

    Breast Expansion is a niche about cartoon babes who’s boobs grow to epic proportions due to magical or scientific means. It’s by the same people that produce Giantess Club so you know you are getting 100% exclusive content that updates on a regular basis. Personally, the whole “breast expansion” niche appeals to me more than the latter as I can imagine all the fun I would have with a chick who’s boobs got bigger on a whim. Aside from the solid, American style, artwork produced for both of these sites I am impressed with the interface – It actually looks like a digital comic book and not some chintzy gimmick. You can tell that these guys really care about the niche, and about the quality of the artwork they produce, which is a rare thing  in the online hentai world.

    Click here to read more Breast Expansion stories

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      Giantess Club fan base is growing!

      Giantess Club

      Giantess Club

      Another exciting new issue of women growing to epic sizes and thus exploding out of their clothes by Giantess Club. Ok, I’m really not feeling the fetish at all. I mean, I get it ya know? I understand it’s like Attack of the 50 Foot Woman and everything but that doesn’t really turn me on. What I do get is that adult cartoon and hentai fans are eating it up! I guess I am just missing the point but that’s OK because like all fetishes they aren’t for everyone and people that like it really like it. Variety is the spice of life in my book so shine on you crazy diamonds.

      Click here to see what all the hype is over Giantess Club

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        Female soldier turns into a giant and thus loses her clothes

        Giantess Club

        Giantess Club

        Giantess Club is the hot new online adult comic that features 100% exclusive content of hot chicks becoming giants (usually through experiments gone array). I must admit this is a fun site. The art work is very good, the functionality is easy and the niche is very unique. If you want see something different than you owe it to yourself to check out Giantess Club. If you don’t believe me click on the link below or the picture above and check out a few sample pages.

        Click here to check out free sample pages from Giantess Club

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