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Liara fucking Miranda with a strap-on – Art by Kras

Rule 34 Mass Effect Hentai at MPLToons.com

When Commander Shepard is away the girls will play! That’s a saying… I think. Either way, it looks like Liara and Miranda are having a lot of fun together! I would have a lot of fun with those tits too lol. Miranda has always had a great ass, but now she has the top to match. And so does Liara. I wonder if they went to the same doctor? Hmmmmmm….

Art by Kras ~ Sluttish.xxx ~ Krash.zone ~ Patreon

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    Dungeons & Dragons Sluts – Art by Kras

    Rule 34 80's Cartoon Hentai at MPLToons.com

    So the girls somehow managed to come back home – finally! – some years ago, and what they decided to to after that?! To become streetwalkers, of course!

    Something must have happened there for them to have their slutty, cock craving instincts awakened – or maybe it was the boredom, after so many adventures – that made Diana and Sheila leave their old lives, for good this time, and make the streets their new home, banging different strangers every night, selling themselves cheap in the dirty alleyways of krash zone!

    – Kras

    Art by Kras ~ Sluttish.xxx ~ Krash.zone ~ Patreon

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      Rainbow Mika Hentai Collection

      Rule 34 Street Fighter V Hentai at MPLToons.com

      Who’s excited for Street Fighter V? I know I am! Which is a really weird thing for me to say. See, I’ve always been a Mortal Kombat fan and was never really into the Street Fighter series- so much so that I can proudly say that I’ve owned every version of Mortal Kombat to come out (including the spin-offs), but the only copy of Street Fighter I ever bought was Alpha (I loved the artwork).

      That’s not to say I never played the series or anything. On the contrary, I played it a lot at my friend’s house. I’m not totally ignorant when it comes to the ways of Ryu and Ken, I just never felt the need to play it on my own. Mainly because I’m not a big fighting game fan and I really only need on game (Mortal Kombat) in my collection to scratch the itch whenever I feel it coming on (I’m the same way with racing games too).

      I’m sure you’re wondering, why am I actually excited for Street Fighter V then? Simple: The graphics. Seriously. They look fucking amazing! The characters look like little toy models or something. It’s truly a sight to behold.

      Plus all the women so far are absolutely beautiful. My favorite being Rainbow Mika, of course. Her curves are so awesome it’s not even funny. I tend to stick with the fast characters when I play Street Fighter (Cammy, etc), but I think it’s time to start learning how to use a grappler. I’ll be damned if I let my lack of skills prevent me from enjoying her sexy character model!

      To celebrate my love for R. Mika here’s a collection of some of the hottest, most recent hentai pics I could find. Enjoy, and happy hump day! 😉

      Read the rest of this entry »

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        She-Hulk & Catwoman: Cum Guzzlers – Art by Kras

        Comic Book Hentai and Porn at MPLToons.com

        Holy shit…there’s a lot depravity going on in this drawing by Kras. I love the dude’s artwork, but he’s really getting deep into the whore genre lately. I’d love to see him change things up a bit, but hey, he’s the artist, he can do whatever he wants. Don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna like it regardless, I’m just not big into the whole female degradation niche.

        I am into She-Hulk’s awesome purple hair. She looks amazing as a punk-girl!

        Art by Kras ~ Sluttish.xxx ~ Krash.zone ~ Patreon

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          Lisa Simpson cleaning up Marge’s leaky creampie

          The Simpsons Incest Hentai at MPLToons.com

          Art by Kras ~ Sluttish.xxx ~ Krash.zone ~ Patreon

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            Pizzazz eating Jem out in a dirty back alley – Art by Kras

            Jem and the Holograms Hentai Porn at MPLToons.com

            Who’s excited for the upcoming Jem and the Holograms live-action movie? Yea…me neither. And not just because it’s a movie about an all-girl band either. No, it’s because the movie doesn’t look anything like what the cartoon was about and, to make matters worse, it doesn’t even take place in the 80s! What was the point of even calling it Jem and the Holograms? It just looks to me like it’ll be another example of Hollywood tinkering.

            But hey, I could be wrong, only time will tell. Until then, I’ll just sit back and enjoy this awesome piece of Jem and the Holograms hentai by Kras. Sure it may not be exactly like the 80s cartoon either, but it looks infinitely more fun than the movie trailer does so I’ll give it a pass ;P

            Art by Kras ~ Sluttish.xxx ~ Krash.zone ~ Patreon

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              Velma doing cocaine off of Daphne’s tits – Art by Kras

              Scooby-Doo Hentai at MPLToons.com

              If you’re like me and grew up watching Scooby-Doo then get ready to kiss your childhood goodbye. Here we have Velma Dinkley snorting cocaine off of Daphne Blake’s tits courtesy of Kras! I guess money is pretty tight if the gang has to turned to hooking for cash (I say that because only hookers and groupies snort coke off another girl’s tits).

              I guess that’s to be expected though. After all, how much money do you really make solving mysteries? I’d say not much, especially after you factor in gas and food for Shaggy and Scooby. Those two stoners can really pack it in!

              Art by Kras ~ Sluttish.xxx ~ Krash.zone ~ Patreon

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                The Little Match Girl – Art by Kras

                Frozen Hentai Porn at MPLToons.com

                The lonely streetlight on the corner flickered a couple of times but didn’t burn out. It wasn’t located in a very nice neighborhood, with trash littering the nearby alley and the sides of the street. It wasn’t the kind of place a good girl hung out if she had a choice. Elsa didn’t have a choice. Of course she wasn’t a good girl either.

                The blonde was sexy, albeit in a very trashy way. Leaning up against the light pole she was dressed like she might be more suited to hanging off of another kind of pole. Her pure blonde hair was fixed in a thick braided ponytail which hung over her right shoulder. The skimpy black tank top she wore didn’t cover much revealing a copious amount of cleavage as well as leaving her shoulders and midriff bare to boot. Her erect nipples were visibly poking through the thin material of the top. A pair of jean shorts were cut off so short they barely covered her crotch and let the upper portion of her ass stick out of them. The strings of her purple thong emerged out of the shorts up over her curvy hips. Tucked into one of the strings were a couple of wrinkled singles. Her legs were bare to mid-thigh where she had on a pair of long blue stockings torn to pieces. Completing her streetwalker uniform was a pair of platform-heeled kicks which boosted her height and whose high heels helped make her curves stick out that extra bit where it counted.

                Click here to read the rest of the story at Krash.zone

                Art by Kras ~ Sluttish.xxx ~ Krash.zone ~ Patreon

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