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Pretty In Pink by AAANinja

Pretty In Pink by AAANinja

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Goddamn, the Pink Power Ranger’s ass is getting destroyed. I fucking love this pic!

I’m not going to lie, I used to watch the first season of The Power Rangers after school when I was growing up. The show premiered in the twilight years of my cartoon-watching youth (I think I was about 14) but I found it to be a fun distraction and, like most people, I had a crush on the Pink Power Ranger aka Kimberly (played by Amy Jo Johnson). I’m not going to say I envisioned her getting gangbanged or anything, I don’t think my mind was that warped back then, but I definitely wanted to make the sex with her.

It’s a shame Amy Jo Johnson’s career never really took off. She was a hot piece of ass. Maybe if she did a movie where she dressed up in her Pink Power Ranger costume and got bukkaked her career would take off again. Buuuuut since that’will most likely never happen we have wonderful hentai artists, like AAANinja here, keeping the dream alive. Thanks for that.

AAANinja ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantART ~ Blogspot

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