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Probing the Princess by Kaztor08 – Star Wars Hentai

Star Wars Hentai

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

Kee chai chai cun kuta? Niuta, be cotma!

Little known fact about me – If I drink too much and start talking like Jabba The Hutt then it’s a 100% guarantee that I’m going to vomit…on someone. I did that yeaaaaaaars ago on my 22nd birthday. My friends kept giving me drinks until all I could do was mutter gibberish (or Huttese, one of the two) and then vomited on my girlfriends head. What can I say? It’s not easy being me.

Anywho…Star Wars hentai! Slave Leia/Jabba The Hutt hentai to be exact. This awesome piece of cartoon porn by Kaztor08 is currently sitting pretty in the first spot on Hentai Foundry’s “Featured Pictures” list so I figured I’d give it a little love here too. Leia’s crotch area seems to be a smidge off, but the overall quality of the painting is so phenomenal that I don’t care. Also, you know, Slave Leia. I mean, who doesn’t love her? I could see a million hentai pics of Princess Leia in her slave outfit and never get tired of it. Bonus points to any pic that has her ass getting probed by Jabba’s tail while Salacious Crumb watches.

Art by Kaztor08 ~ Hentai Foundry

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    Three Girls 1Up by Turtlechan

    MPL Toons

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

    Holy shit, this is old. I was looking through my drafts today and saw this post. I think I prepped it back in December 2012 and forgot about it (probably because of family stuff around the holidays). Damn. Well, that’s my bad lol

    Just because the pics are old doesn’t mean they aren’t really fucking hot. I based the feature around the pic above (“Three Girls 1Up”) but I included a few more below for you all to enjoy. I love Turtlechan’s version of Slave Leia but the Attack on Titan pic is pretty interesting too lol. If you are a fan of the manga and anime series then you should definitely check it out.

    Hopefully I can find some good Halloween themed pics to post between now and Thurs. I’ll see what I can dig up for you guys.

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      Maleficent’s Beauty by Off World Trooper

      MPL Toons

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

      Those who know me in real life (and those of you that actually read the blog) know how much I love Maleficent. I don’t know if it’s a “bad girl” fetish or if I just like women of color (blue, green, red) but I’ve had a crush on her as long as I can remember. Needless to say I was pretty fucking thrilled when I saw this pic of Maleficent grinding her pussy into Princess Aurora’s beautiful sleeping face (see what I did there). Off World Trooper’s decided to give the wicked witch cool tattoos under her robe which I think was a nice touch.

      I included the pic below of Princess Leia blowing two Imperial Stormtroopers because well I’m a huge Star Wars nerd and that’s hot! I think I saw it before but forgot to feature it or something. That’s what we call a “my bad”. Better late than never right. Enjoy the two pics and check out Off World Trooper’s Hentai Foundry page if you like what you see here.

      Off World Trooper ~ Hentai Foundry

      MPL Toons

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

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        Artist Spotlight – Kinky Jimmy

        Princess Leia Dianoga tentacle rape by Kinky Jimmy

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image at PooNnet.com

        Alright, so first of all let’s address the 400 lbs guerrilla in the room – Yes, Kinky Jimmy is primarily known for his shemale hentai but that doesn’t mean he can’t draw a pussy too. PooNnet.com is not as widely known as his “other site” but for those of you that love Kinky Jimmy’s ability to draw celebrity likenesses but don’t want the cock this is the site for you.

        Just to clarify for those of you that don’t know – Kinky Jimmy has been drawing adult cartoons for a while now and is pretty well known online. Most hentai fans that surf the interwebs on a regular basis have seen his work whether they like shemale (or futanari) porn or not. I figured now was a good time to bring back the “Artist Spotlight” feature on MPL Toons and show everyone that Kinky Jimmy doesn’t just draw chicks with dicks, he also draws chicks getting fucked by dicks!

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          Hentai Foundry Star Wars/Mass Effect Babe Contest – My favorite Star Wars entries

          Darth Talon by Oni

          Darth Talon by Oni - CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

          In case you don’t frequent Hentai Foundry there is a Star Wars/Mass Effect Babe contest currently underway where to winner gets $250.00. Not bad! If you are an artist and want to submit your work you still have time because the deadline is August 8th, 2011. Here’s the official contest thread – Star Wars/Mass Effect Babe Contest

          The reason I am dedicating this post to promoting the Hentai Foundry contest (I am not associated with the site but I do support them) is because I love Star Wars hentai. I grew up watching, loving, and jerking off to Star Wars chicks. The more artists that create images for the contest the more pics I have to jerk off to. It’s as simple as that!

          Here are my favorite pics from the contents so check them out after the jump. Since there is still time left I might add more as they pop up. Enjoy!

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            Boba Fett fucking Princess Leia – Greatest drawing EVER

            Boba Fett fucking Princess Leia in Slave Costume by Shabby Blue

            CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

            I have an unhealthy obsession with Boba Fett. My room is littered with toys, statues, and life sized cardboard cutouts of Boba Fett. I bought the Master Replicas Boba Fett Helmet – in fact I am wearing it right now as I am writing this post (which makes it very hard to see and breathe). When my girlfriend asks who I love more her or Boba Fett, much to her chagrin, I answer the latter. I tell you all this because when I say “Boba Fett fucking Princess Leia – Greatest drawing EVER” it should be taken with a grain of salt that my opinion might be a little biased.

            Shabby Blue is known around the hentai boards for his realistic depictions of Star Wars ladies engaging in all kinds of depraved sexual acts. His style has become more refined over the years but his subject matter has not changed one bit. That dude has a one track mind! This pic of Boba Fett bending Princess Leia over and fucking her from behind is absolutely stellar and really shows off how good Shabby Blue is at making his drawings look realistic. Princess Leis looks like a young Carrie Fisher and Boba Fett looks, appropriately, like Temuera Morrison. The detail on the Mandalorian armor is spot on (I should know, I have been analyzing it since I was 7 years old) right down to the chipped paint. The sign of a talented artist, and someone that loves the subject matter they are drawing, is when they get the little details right. My hat is off to Shabby Blue for creating this image because now I can die a happy man.

            Click here to see the full sized pic of Boba Fett nailing Princess Leia

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