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Aclon eating Howler’s ass by Pablo

Sci-Fi Hentai at

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

In space no one can hear you get your ass eaten. Or hear you get fucked by a purple tentacle monster either I guess lol. Seriously though, I wouldn’t mind being abducted and turned into a sex slave for Aclon. All I ask is that she keep her pet alien from probing me and we’ll get along just fine.

On a side note: I bet Peter Quill’s story would have turned out a lot differently if he met Aclon instead of Yondu on that dark and lonely field the night his mom died.

Art by Pablo ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website

Howler belongs to Owler ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Blog ~ Tumblr
Aclon belongs to Pablo

Here’s a bonus pic of Aclon enjoy some time with her pet tentacle monster.

Sci-Fi Hentai at

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

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    Alien bounty hunter Trilia Smexx by Sleeponaut

    Sci-Fi Hentai at

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

    Name: Trilia Smexx
    Race: Canuran
    Occupation: Bounty hunter

    Trilia hails from a hot, wet tropical planet called Canura. Canura is almost entirely covered with jungles and swamps except for a few small landlocked seas near its equator. Though slightly larger than Earth, a lack of heavy elements in the planet’s crust gives it a lower density and overall mass, leading to a weaker gravity than that on Earth.

    Canurans are the dominant species of Canura. They have a fairly standard four-limbed humanoid physique, though due to the lower gravity of their homeworld, the average height for both male and female canurans is in the excess of 7 ft (2.1 m). From a human point of view, a canuran would look tall and thin, with well-muscled legs and lower bodies. Aside from lush, long eyelashes on both genders, canuran bodies are entirely hairless.

    Canurans evolved as an omnivorous predator species with a number of adaptations for rapid hunting and stalking in the jungles and swamps of their homeworld. As a species they do not have a direct Earth analogue; instead, canurans combine a number of aspects from the amphibian, lizard and mammal species of Earth. They are highly proficient jumpers and climbers, with strong legs and an opposable toe on their feet. Their bodies are very flexible, giving them exceptionally high agility. Canuran skin is similar to that of amphibians such as frogs in that gases can be exhanged through it, allowing canurans to breathe underwater. Canurans have long, sticky, prehensile tongues that they can launch from their mouths with great accuracy. Certain rare individuals also possess chameleonic skin.

    Similar to the geckos of Earth, canurans have adhesive pads on their fingers and toes to help climb on virtually any surface. In modern canuran society, however, these are normally concealed with footwear and gloves. Exposed fingers and toes are normally considered a sign of disrespectable individuals such as thieves, as law abiding citizens would have no reason to go climbing around.

    As with mammals, female canurans give birth to live offspring which are then fed with milk produced in the mammary glands. Canuran breasts are very similar to those of humans, though as another effect of the lower gravity of Canura, canuran breast sizes tend to far exceed most human females, especially on lactating canuran individuals. It isn’t entirely uncommon for a lactating canuran’s breasts to go through a phase of hyperactive growth, occasionally to the point of leaving the canuran immobilized by the sheer volume of her breasts. As with humans, this is associated with caring for newborn children; however, canurans take care of their offspring communally, so lactating canuran mothers are expected to produce far greater amounts of milk than human mothers.

    Further effects of the gravity of Canura are visible in the average size of canuran genitalia. The average size for a canuran penis is almost three times the average for human males; this is likely the result of evolution for sexual selection as large penises are seen as a symbol of health and virility. Naturally, the female genitalia have evolved to compensate for the size by becoming more elastic.

    Canuran society is largely tribal and hunting-oriented, with very little agriculture. Canurans have a deep respect for the jungles of their home planet and are reluctant to clear space for cities or farms. Thus, canurans live mainly in houses built into the canopies of the jungles. This coupled with the preference for relatively small tribal communities has kept the total population size of canurans fairly low, with only an estimated one billion individuals on the planet.

    While modern canurans are quite advanced in terms of science and technology, they generally have very little interest in the universe outside their planet. They have made contact with several species from other worlds and engage in trade with them at outposts on Canura, but canurans themselves virtually never leave Canura. In their opinion, Canura provides them with everything they need, while space is mostly dull, dead and uninteresting. A quirk of the modern society is the development of ‘communal breeding’ in addition to communal childcare. Canuran society has come to view traditional breeding through sexual intercourse as barbaric and has instead created a system where each individual is expected to make periodic deposits of either sperm or egg cells depending on the gender of the individual. These are then matched in a computerized process that looks for favourable genetic combinations. Fertilized eggcells are implanted into the wombs of willing females, who then carry the child to labor. No canuran knows their parentage, while everyone in the community is expected to care for the children both during and after pregnancy. Canuran children are allowed to pick their own names in a naming ritual five years after birth. According to canurans, this system has eliminated family feuds, reduced genetic anomalies in canurans as well as boosted their immunity to diseases.

    To such a society, Trilia Smexx was born. It soon became apparent that she was an anomaly in the system. As an adult, she stands at a little over 6 ft (180 cm), tall in human terms but far shorter than the average canuran. Her body remained underdeveloped (for canurans) in other ways as well; her breasts were also quite a bit smaller than average though, again, large in human terms. She was also far more curious about the universe outside Canura than virtually every other canuran. While other canurans would hunt or take care of the children, young Trilia would dream about space travel, going to far off places and meeting exotic species. In school, she aced all her classes on physics and engineering, yet this wasn’t enough to satisfy her. She wanted to leave her planet, but canuran society frowned on such ideas.

    Trilia’s life changed forever when she met and was seduced by the captain of a passing ship on a mission of exploration, a human by the name of Captain Pork. Pork introduced Trilia to the wonders of physical love, something which Trilia (and most other canurans) had never experienced before. To Trilia, this was yet another wonderful experience which the canuran society had kept from her. She made up her mind on the spot, with Pork’s semen still drying on her thighs: She would leave Canura and travel the galaxy, seeking out new and interesting cultures! Especially ones with big penises, because DAMN that had been good.

    Soon Trilia had sold all her possessions on Canura and hitched a ride on the first spaceship off the planet. Changing her name to Smexx (after mishearing the term for her new favourite activity), Trilia became a bounty hunter, as this occupation gave her plenty of chances to travel to exotic, faraway places in pursuit of interesting people.

    Trilia’s weapon of choice is the PleasuRay 3000 non-lethal weapon. It induces incapacitating levels of arousal in its targets, a sophisticated on-board computer system making sure it works on 99.9% of species in the known space. Originally intended as a sex toy, it was quickly discovered that the highly potent system could be weaponized after the first prototype gave its test subjects orgasms so powerful the subjects ended up in a coma. The weapon comes with variable intensity settings, ranging from debilitating arousal through non-stop orgasm to orgasm coma. The weapon has been banned in several systems for causing strong addictions in its victims; it was discovered that some individuals were committing crimes just to get shot with the PleasuRay 3000.

    What started out as an attempt to draw something a bit more cartoon-y ended up as a complete redesign of my old retro alien lady character.

    This pic took waaaay too long to finish mainly because I got all perfectionist with it. Whenever I thought I had finished with some aspect of it, I saw some (possibly imaginary) flaw in it. I think I re-drew pretty much everything in this image at least twice. I’m honestly a bit relieved to finally be done with this image.

    Incidentally, this is the first time I’ve written in cursive since elementary school.

    - Sleeponaut

    Story and art by Sleeponaut ~ Hentai Foundry

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      Dejah Thoris nude pin-up by Alexey Lipatov

      John Carter of Mars Hentai at

      Maybe if Dejah Thoris was dressed like this in the stupid 2012 John Carter movie it would’ve made more money. I need to see that movie again. All I remember about it (because I was stoned out of my mind) was that it was too long and too boring, but the chick that played Dejah Thoris was really hot. That’s gotta count for something, right?

      Art by Alexey Lipatov ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt

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        Stella Ganti, Firepower by T2Death


        CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

        What was meant to be a routine shipment to the volcanic mining colony on Barados Minor ends in disaster. Civil war has broken out and the world has descended into chaos as an anarchistic rebel faction attempts to overthrow the planetary government. With the spaceports heavily contested and the local hypernet relay destroyed in the fighting, Stella is left cut off from her ship and from outside help.

        Determined to take her chances fighting, Stella ends up joining a militia combating the rebels. Though her body precludes her from front-line combat, her powerful ocular implants make her a crack shot. With an anti-materiel magrifle she carves a swath through enemy forces from afar and tears apart rocket artillery, sensor grids and gun emplacements with frightening efficiency.

        But despite these victories Stella still finds herself looking up at the night sky. Through clouds of smoke and volcanic ash she glimpses the stars she used to soar amongst. And she wonders if she’ll ever make it off this planet alive.


        This Heavy Metal-style picture was done by the amazing T2Death, who must have magic fingers to draw such insanely sexy work! Big thanks to him for the awesome job he did!

        - Elementrexx

        As someone who grew up reading Heavy Metal whenever he could get his hands on it, I gotta say this piece absolutely nails that vibe. Great job to Elementrexx and T2Death. I hope you guys do another team-up soon.

        Art by T2death ~ Hentai Foundry
        Stella Ganti belongs to Elementrexx ~ Hentai Foundry

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          In space no one can hear you scream

          Alien Hentai

          CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

          I’m not sure how anatomically correct this pic is, but I sure do like looking at it. There’s a surprising amount of Xenomorph hentai online – mostly featuring a female Xeno getting fucked – this is definitely one of my favorites though. Mainly because I used to jerk off to Ripley in her space undies at the end of Alien when I was younger.

          Sigourney Weaver is really weird to me. Sometimes she’s super hot (Heartbreakers, Galaxy Quest) and sometimes I don’t find her attractive in the slightest (Aliens, Ghostbusters). Alien is a conundrum in that department because for most of the movie I don’t really think of her as being all that hot, then all of a sudden she’s half naked at the end of the movie and I have a weird boner. Am I the only one with that problem?

          Sigourney Weaver’s attractiveness and the Xenomorph’s anatomy aside, this is a really awesome pic. Even if you aren’t a fan of the movie you gotta give Nikraria props for the insane level of detail he put into this piece. Ripley’s space suit looks great and so does the Xeno!

          Art by Nikraria ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Hentai United

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            Alia and Blair Breaking Out by DrGraevling

            Hentai and Cartoon Porn

            CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

            “Alright, you can release them now.” Kali was a little surprised when she heard the voice; was it possible for this beast to speak? But she soon realized that she was hearing the voice in her mind; telepathy – this guy was full of surprises.

            No sooner had Kali disconnected the leash from their collars did the girls started eagerly crawling forward. Alia was the first to reach the imposing beast, panting as she turned around and stuck her butt in the air presenting her dripping wet pussy and winking anus at her new master.

            He lurched forward towering over her smaller form. Thin tendrils wrapped tightly around her stomach lining her up with its massive meat. She looked back with anticipation in her eyes and if her mind had not been ravaged by pleasure she would no doubt be begging him to ram it inside and fuck her raw. However, she couldn’t do more than pant like a bitch in heat at this point.With a sudden tug, the tendrils around her stomach pulled her onto the throbbing cock, a gasp escaping her lips as it pushed inside her with a little difficulty. His member was more spongy and malleable than a normal cock, but it still proved to be quite the tight fit. More tendrils sprouted from his stomach, grasping at her ass to get more grip. Slowly but surely he pushed his length inside her until finally his balls were bouncing against her ass.

            It was at that point that he pressed down with his body, flattening her against the cold tile floor. Trapped between the floor and his hulking frame, all she could do was lie there as he started humping away, her butt juggling with every deep thrust. She put her legs up in the air, hooking them behind his own clawed feet in an attempt to keep him from pulling out – not that he had any intention to do so. Not until he had bloated this cockpuppet with his seed.

            He picked up the pace, ramming at her comparatively lithe body with gusto, eliciting moans and screams of pleasure from Alia. She could feel the tip of his dick bounce off and scrape her belly every time he bottomed out. More tendrils emerged from his torso, wrapping themselves around her arms and pulling them up until they were secured around his thick neck like a lover hugging her mate from behind.

            A thick tentacle emerged from the beast’s mouth, eager to find a wet hole to fuck. It found one soon enough, pushing its length past her full lips and down her throat, all the while oozing with salty pre-cum.

            Meanwhile, Blair wasn’t just sitting around. As soon as she had seen Alia offer herself up, she crawled around to the rear of the creature. After all, in the land of the fuck sluts there is no jealousy – as long as there are enough cocks to go around that is.

            Click here to read the full story by Pantboy678

            This is amazing! Six pics and a full story, what more could you ask for? I’m gonna be jerking off to this for a long time. My hat’s off to DrGraevling and Pantboy678 for putting all of this together. I think we can all agree that they make a great team. Click on the link below to see the rest of the pics.

            Read the rest of this entry »

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              Stella Ganti, Intrusion by Tentacle Monster Chu

              Tentacle Hentai at MPL Toons

              CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image

              Stella knows that since she is the sole member of her crew that she would be vulnerable if her ship were ever boarded. In order to prepare against pirate raiders and other unsavory characters, Stella invested in a Universal Dynamics Aegis-8 Combat Exosuit for herself.

              Composed of an energy-dispersing composite polymer and an underlying layer of non-Newtonian reactive gel, the armor is capable of withstanding significant weapons fire, extremes of pressure and temperature, and physical impacts. A network of nanofiber synthetic muscles enhances her strength and agility substantially, despite her top-heavy figure.

              On her shoulders is a pair of motorized mounts equipped with a high-energy particle beam and flamethrower, providing ample firepower while also leaving her hands free. In addition to the innate enhancing properties of the suit, Stella has installed robotic gauntlets to further augment her strength. In the knuckles of the gauntlets is a plasma blade that can slice through armored foes when getting into melee combat. The palms are also equipped with an electroshock device that can deliver a debilitating high-voltage charge to an enemy.

              Stella’s neural interface supplemented by a holographic heads-up display enables her to control the exosuit’s various functions with incredible finesse and utilize her weapons with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

              Unfortunately, much like her VersaFlex environment suit Stella’s endowments are far too large to fit into the standard-size chestplate. Instead she has had to resort to installing a protective force-field generator to accommodate her anatomy.

              Although the suit has lain idle for several years, Stella finds cause to pull it out of storage when her ship is boarded by a wild tennchutamo!

              Tennchutamos are silicon-based organisms that reproduce asexually but require other lifeforms to incubate their young and tend to prefer higher-order mammals as hosts. Once their tentacles have snared a suitable candidate, they enter any and all available orifices and deposit dozens of eggs inside. Although the process is not harmful to the host, it can be debilitating and immobilize the host for several months until the eggs are hatched.

              Unfortunately for this particular tennchutamo, Stella has come prepared for unwanted intruders. Donning her exosuit, Stella prepares to teach the creature that when a lady says “no” she means “no”

              - Elementrexx

              One word: Awesomesauce!

              Art by Tentacle Monster Chu ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Blogspot
              Stella Ganti is owned by Elementrexx ~ Hentai Foundry

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                Hoax getting fucked by Frankensthal – Tannhäuser Hentai

                Tannhäuser Board Game Hentai at MPL Toons

                CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

                So, I saw this pic on Hentai Foundry yesterday and my first thought was, “what the fuck is a Frankensthal?” Then I looked up Tannhäuser and it all became clear. Tannhäuser is a board game made by Fantasy Flight Games, a high-end board game company. They put out the awesome DOOM game I used to play with my friend back in the day. The miniatures were really well made and the game was fun as hell.

                Anyways, you can check the link above and read up all about Tannhäuser if you like. Hoax and Frankensthal are expansion characters from the game. Each miniature costs $20, but who needs them when you have this pic by Ganassa? It looks like Hoax might have gotten herself into a little…errrrr…big pickle. Hopefully she’s be able to get herself out of this jam before she gets preggers by Frankensthal and his giant wiener schnitzel. That would definitely suck for her to have to give birth to a baby Frankensthal. Hey, war is messy and preggers happen, especially when you are a hot scout like Hoax.

                Art by Ganassa ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Blogspot ~ Hentai United

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