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Tentacle assault POV by Silverad0

Sleeping teen with big boobs gets assaulted by tentacles

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

Here is an interesting spin on the whole “tentacle rape” genre that is so prevalent in hentai – a rendering from the tentacle’s POV! Now that’s pretty cool in my opinion. Silverad0 did a great job rendering both the tentacles and the would be victim in a realistic manner not often seen in the hentai world. Whether it was intentional or not this illustration also crosses over into the “sleep creep” genre (where a sleeping woman is molested by a guy or, in this case, tentacles). I would love to see a follow-up to this piece that features penetration but as it stands it’s still pretty fucking awesome. Also make sure you view the full sized image and take note of the subtle details that really make this piece stand out like the realistic lace bra and her nipples. Silverad0’s portfolio isn’t very extensive but he is definitely on my radar now.

Click here to see more hentai by Silverad0

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    One Response to “Tentacle assault POV by Silverad0”

    • Alice:

      I want to see tentacle stuff from the victim’s POV. Like an animated thing where it they look around as it penetrates them, leading up to a brief mouth fuck and then all the heads lining up in her face and covering her body. And then, as the streams die down, she looks down at her body, covered in cum, a few shots still piling on, and it fades to black. That would be cool.

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