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Just what I needed to get me out the the hentai slump I’ve been in this past week – a new Sex Arcade piece by Sabu! This time it’s Terra (aka Atlee) that’s strapped down and ready to be ridden. She doesn’t look too thrilled about having that dick in her ass. That’s too be expected I guess. I’ve never been a huge fan of Terra in the past (all versions of her), but this might change my outlook on the character.

Like with all of Sabu’s work there’s a very high attention to detail in this drawing (and a lot of hardcore sex too). I love the hexagon pattern he uses for the fabric of her costume and the fact that her zipper is also broken at the bottom where the crotch is ripped open. Everything just looks like you would expect it to in real life…well, as real life as you can get in the world of hentai. If you don’t already follow Sabu on Hentai Foundry, what are you waiting for? You’re really missing out on one of the most talented hentai artists around. Sure he may not crank out a new pic ever other day, but the ones he does produce are some next-level shit. Get thurrrrrr.

Sabu ~ Hentai Foundry

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