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The more time that passes the less enjoyable my memory is of The Dark Knight Rises. Unlike Avengers, where I wanted to watch it again the instant the last credit rolled off the screen, I just can’t remember what I liked about it and I’m not excited to see it again. I’ll definitely re-watch TDKR when it comes out on Blu-ray but it’s not going to be a day-one purchase (the same goes for Prometheus). Marvel won this summer hands down.

I will say this though about The Dark Knight Rises – I love all the Anne Hathaway Catwoman hentai that seems to be popping up. Of all the versions of that character that has been onscreen, this one was definitely my favorite. I think Anne Hathaway is a hot piece off ass that looked great in the costume and she brought a lot to the role (unfortunately chemistry with Christian Bale was not one of those things).

The awesome pic above by OrionM features Catwoman being fucked by his original character, Psycho Griffin. I figured that needed to be cleared up. OrionM did a great job with this piece and I love the fact that she’s instantly recognizable as Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman, yet there’s still an anime element to it. Plus OrionM’s digital paint style is gorgeous. Good stuff!

OrionM ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Blogspot ~ DeviantArt

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