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The evolution of Supergirl by Peter Cotton

The evolution of Supergirl by Peter Cotton

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

Here’s a really cool rendering I stumbled upon while searching Deviant Art for DC babes. It’s the evolution of Supergirl from past to present by Peter Cotton. First let me tell you that you HAVE to click on the pic above to see all 9 incarnations of this classic character – I just couldn’t fit them all in this post. All the versions of Supergirl are done in Peter Cotton’s 3D style and if anyone says that you don’t have to be a talented artist to do great 3D renderings then I say pull your head out of your ass! The thing I really like about this piece is that each costume is completely unaltered from it’s original design but Peter Cotton still manages to make all of them extremely sexy without being vulgar. Plus it’s cool just to seem them all side by side as a comparison. My personal favorite is the “Cir-El” one. I love the bold design to the costume and her curvy legs. Which one is your favorite version of Supergirl?

Click here to see more amazing 3D renderings by Peter Cotton

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