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The Flash and Wonder Woman have a quickie by Alx

The Flash and Wonder Woman have a quickie by Alx

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I figured this image was rather appropriate as I just finished reading the relaunched (rebooted, retooled, refabricated) Justice League #1. You know, I’m as much a fan of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee as the next guy but all I kept thinking was “Do we really need this?” Sure Marvel did the same thing with the Ultimate Universe but that wasn’t their normal universe – They didn’t negate 50 years of history. Its too soon to tell how well the new DC Universe will be received but at least it got people talking about comics again which is always a good thing in my opinion.

So about the pic – I really like Alx’s clean art style and good use of effects. Sometimes people go too overboard with Photoshop and they bog down the picture as a whole. The effects are there to enhance the artist’s original creation and when used correctly, as you see here with Flash’s blur motion and the earth, they help create a complete image. This is a testimony to Alx’s artistic maturity and the reason why all of the images in his portfolio look as outstanding as they do. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

What did you think about Justice League #1? Vote or leave a comment, I want to hear your thoughts.

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