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The Hulk destroys Power Girl’s ass

Power Girl getting anally raped by the Hulk

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I guess now we know who would win a fight between The Incredible Hulk and Power Girl. I don’t think she will be walking right ever again though – That’s a whole lot of green dick inside Power Girl’s tight ass! I just want to know where the rest of Hulk’s schlong went or maybe he has one of those coke bottle dicks. You know the kind, short but wide in diameter. Hey, maybe that’s why The Hulk is so angry all the time – wouldn’t you be if you had a penis that was a wide as it was short? Then again, his is more like a keg by the looks of it. Wow, poor Power Girl. I would almost feel sorry for her if this illustration by Sabudenego wasn’t so fucking hot.

Click here to see more comic book porn by Sabudenego

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