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Do you like tentacle hentai? Of course you do, who doesn’t?! Well feast your eyes on this beauty by Flowermilk. It looks so real you can almost hear the slimy violation!

I love Flowermilk’s hyper-realistic art style so it’s cool to see him render something that you can’t possibly find in the natural world – Tentacle grape. It’s one of those things that only takes place in the imaginative world of hentai but If you wanted to know what it would actually look like if a hot blonde babe were to be penetrated by two tentacles then here you go. It doesn’t get much realer than this…or hotter!

Keep your eyes on Flowermilk’s site, VanillaDoll.xxx, because he always has cool shit to look at, polls to vote on, and stories to read. He’s definitely a hentai artist that should be on everyone’s list.

Flowermilk ~ VanillaDoll.xxx

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