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Tifa Lockheart would win any wet t-shirt contest

Tifa Lockheart topless Final Fantasy

Tifa Lockheart ~ Final Fantasy VII

I think it goes without saying that if you put Tifa Lockheart in a wet t-shirt contest she would win it every time. Tifa isn’t as busty in this rendering as she is in other doujinshi but the┬ácomposition┬áreally caught my eye so I figured I would post it. It looks as if this Final Fantasy VII babe just finished an epic battle and is resting afterwards. Maybe her top is see-through because she worked up a sweat. Is that gross? I don’t think so but I bet she doesn’t smell like roses either. I don’t care how her shirt became transparent as long as it stays that way – plus it’s a good way to distract one’s opponents. I know I would have a hard time fighting Tifa if her nipples were poking out the whole time.

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