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You guys should know by now how much I love Aedollon’s artwork and if you don’t, well now you do. Just look at this image and tell me it’s not totally fucking awesome.

So the story behind this piece is that these three ladies – Orelia, Alia (Dr.Graevling character) and Blair (Pantboy678 caracter) – are trying to escape (from some prison or ship or something?) when they got cornered by sexbot security drones. Those sexbots are programmed for one thing only and they are very good at their job.

Since day-one my favorite aspect of Aedollon’s style is his expert use of color. Seriously, have you ever seen seen hentai this vibrant? I doubt it. On top of that he does a great job of portraying action and motion even though it’s a static image. Of course he wouldn’t be a great hentai artist if he wasn’t good at drawing sex and naked chicks but as you can see he’s not just good, he’s great at it!

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