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Vanilla Doll Hitomi Neko getting a facial

Vanilla Doll Hitomi Neko getting a facial

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At VanillaDoll.xxx

Hentai artist Flowermilk has a new site that just came out about a week ago or so titled Vanilla Doll and I figured you guys might be interested in checking it out. I’m not gonna lie, I was not familiar with Flowermilk’s work until I saw the site. Of course once I looked through the pics I became a fan – His hyper-clean style is absolutely breathtaking. To be honest the whole site just exudes “hip” and “cool”.

I know what you are thinking though, that is all well and good but what do I get when I become a member? Right now Flowermilk has about 12 “dolls” featured on the site with multiple variations of each picture plus, and here’s the selling point, you get an extremely long and in-depth story for each girl. If you are the type of person that enjoys erotic stories as well as hentai then I think Vanilla Doll is right up your alley.

Below is an excerpt from Hitomi Neko’s story “A Doll Delicacy”.

The excitation was building up, and Hitomi felt overwhelmed. She wanted to own that cock, to feel every inch on her tongue. She tilted her head sideways and closed her mouth on the shaft. Then she dragged her lips up and down, licking and sucking. She couldn’t help but to drool, spit wetting her chin and her cheeks.

“Huh huh, baby, not too fast,” Michael said. He sounded really excited too but Hitomi felt him pull on her hair.

She whimpered as the delicious cock was taken away from her.

“Open your mouth,” Michael said. “Open up, baby.”

She obeyed, looking up hungrily at the man.

“Pull out your tongue. Come on, baby.”

She obeyed without hesitation. All she wanted now was this fat penis in her mouth. She wanted to eat the sleek bulging head. She wanted the thick pole down her throat.
Michael knew it too well, and kept his sex an inch away from her gaping mouth, holding firm on her hair. He was feeling her efforts to move her head forward, and saw the frustration in her eyes.

“Do you want that cock?” He asked.

“Yes please give it to me,” she said. “Please?”

“Wait for it, baby, wait for it. It’s gonna be even better.”

He tapped her face with his dick. As she felt the incredible weight and stiffness smack her cheeks, her pussy squirted abundant juices on her chair.

“Oh, baby, you really want this cock, don’t you?” Michael asked.
“Yes! Yes! I want it so bad. Please let me have it!”

He smacked her tongue several times and finally laid flat his cock on it. She tried to swallow it but his grip was too strong. She whimpered with frustration. Finally, he let go of her hair and the wet pole slid into her open mouth. She gasped in surprise but didn’t back up. She had waited this moment for what had seemed an eternity and now morality and fear were completely drowned in lust.

She swallowed as much as she could, forcing the thick and throbbing flesh down her throat. Then she closed her lips on it and slurped on the pre cum which was already coming out.

“Oh my god!” Michael said. “You’re a natural, baby! Oh look at those big lips. You have a mouth for it!”

The cock was so massive that Hitomi felt like her jaw was about to dislocate, but she didn’t care. The pride she felt of giving so much pleasure to her man topped everything else, even
the gag reflex kicking in for having so much meat in her mouth.

Click HERE to read the full story at VanillaDoll.xxx

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