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Velvet from Odin Sphere getting fucked

Velvet from Odin Sphere getting fucked

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

I’m a huge fan of hand-drawn 2D games like Metal Slug and Darkstalkers so when Odin Sphere came out I was super excited for it and needless to say I played the shit out of that game. My favorite character was Velvet mainly due to her gorgeous character design and animation. I am surprised though that there isn’t more hentai of her floating around the interwebs, obviously the game isn’t as popular as Street Fighter but come on!

Luckily Reiq has filled the void with this amazing rendering of Velvet getting fucked hard (see the exclusive “wet” version on his website by clicking the link below). His line work and coloring is always stellar and his content is hot as hell. Reiq is definitely one of the best hentai artists in the biz and as long as he keep drawing obscure characters like Velvet I’ll keep coming back for more.

Click here to see the “wet” version of Velvet getting fucked exclusively on JigglyGirls

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